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About Us

Ray Bradley Lima Da Silva, LMT, MLD-C, MA, CNA

Ray is the Founder of The LAB Spa and Academy and Bradley Medical Massage.  He is a licensed and multi certified beauty and bodywork expert with over 15 years of experience throughout the beauty, medical, and bodywork industries, as well as serving as an educator to up and coming talent.


He has undergone extensive training in the United States and Brazil in key areas like medical and aesthetic bodywork, skin rejuvenation, and permanent makeup.  Engulfing himself in treatments like body contouring, post-surgical recovery and cupping, he’s placed himself in the forefront of industry experts. His exemplary enthusiasm, charisma, and passion for helping people look and feel their best makes him standout beyond his education. 


After obtaining his licenses in cosmetology and massage therapy, he has worked in various salons, spas, and clinics while pursuing additional education in fitness and medicine. Ray developed and perfected his techniques with optimal, firsthand experience alongside professional mentorship.  He has been perfecting his craft ever since with earning additional accolades in Cupping Therapy, Medical Massage, Lymphatic Health, Scar Tissue and Fibrosis Treatments, Wood Therapy, Brazilian Body Reduction and Remodeling, Microblading and Permanent Makeup Procedures.


Today, he operates both of his practices and specialize in Medical Massage, Cupping Therapy, Post-Surgical Recovery, Body Contouring, and Permanent Makeup Procedures.

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