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What is Permanent Makeup?

Although widely considered permanent makeup (PMU), microblading and other PMU procedures are actually "semi-permanent" cosmetic procedures. 


PMU procedures are considered permanent because specialized pigment is tattooed into the upper reticular part of the dermal layer of the skin and cannot be washed off. However, as with any tattoo or pigment in general, fading can and often does occur, requiring periodic maintenance referred to as color re-enhancement or color boost. Pigment implanted in the skin may fade with time and with exposure to environmental factors such as the sun.  Other factors affecting longevity vary depending on lifestyle, skin health and topical products applied to the skin. 

Microblading near me is a semi permanent makeup procedure in which pigments are implanted with a sterile hand tool to create a hair stroke effect.  This implantation method gives a natural hair stroke that can last for several months up to a year before requiring a touch up to restore the appearance of the hair strokes.  A small machine or hand tool can be used to produce microshading to deliver a more full yet natural look.


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